Writing is easy. All you have to do is cross out the wrong words.
— Mark Twain

Writing is a lonely business, and we all get to a point where we need another pair of eyes on the page just to keep from going mad! Friends and relatives are not always reliable sources; what you need is an honest, objective, timely review of your work and clear professional advice on how to move forward. Whatever stage of writing you are in, I can assist you and help you move to the next step in your project and career with the help of my author services. 

Perhaps you're already a published or self-published author and require help with publicity? I can help you build your author brand by reviewing and improving your social media, organising blog tours and publicity campaigns, planning and implementing digital strategies to target your intended audience, and help you improve your author platform and author brand on the whole. Alternatively, if you are an aspiring author I can help you build your author platform in advance which is one of the best ways of guaranteeing your book's future success. 

Why me? 

Five years of working in screenwriting/development (pitching to companies such as Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, BBC, and Channel 4) have made me very cutthroat when it comes to the "pitchability" of an idea, and the structure of a story. I will give you a sobering assessment of your idea, query, and your opening chapters or full manuscript. 

As a bestselling YA author I can also provide you with feedback on the quality of your prose, your plot, and your characterisation. I can provide valuable industry advice and assess the marketability of your idea, your pitch and even of you as an author. 

Lastly, I have built a loyal following on social media with 15,000 followers across various platforms, something many authors struggle with. I can help you build your author platform in advance or long after your book has launched.  Book your social media assessment today!

If you want to work with me, please take a look at the the following package options. Then contact me with the chosen package and a few words about you and your project needs.  I'm excited to meet you! 

*If you do not see a package that fits your needs, please let me know and I'm happy to put together a bespoke package that will ideally fit your needs.*

The idea- £40

You have what you think is a killer idea and you cannot wait to dive in to drafting. But before you do- perhaps you may want to iron out the kinks first, make sure your idea is sound and ensure that there is room for it on the market and in your respective genre. Knowing for definite that you have a "good idea" before you start dedicating time to planning, plotting and promoting it is very sensible! That's where I come in.

I will assess your concept, give you tips on pushing your themes further. I will also provide a half-page market assessment of how 'sellable' your idea is and what needs to be improved/changed/expanded upon. Follow up questions welcome. The aim of this service is for you to come away feeling much more confident about your idea with a clear direction for developing it further.

Eligible Genres: All 

Synopsis or outline review-£100

I will look objectively at your synopsis and tell you if there are any glaring plot holes as well as which sub-plots require more fleshing out. I'll weed out the weaknesses (i.e unnecessary text) and give you a one-page assessment of your synopsis and how it can be improved before pitching. I will also provide in-line notes of what questions arose when I read your synopsis and my reaction to it.

If you are still in the outlining stage you can send me your full outline and I can point out any plot development issues before you start writing, which will save you a lot of time and effort! 

Eligible Genres: Young Adult, Romance, Thriller, upmarket fiction, romantic comedy, sci-fi, fantasy and MG.

Query Letter- £75

Getting your query picked up by an agent or publisher is a little like winning the lottery and the competition is fierce. I will give provide you with in-line notes on how to improve your query and describe what I felt whilst reading it. Did it bore me? Did I have the urge to request more? Were there instant concerns or questions that popped up when reading it?

I'll help you improve your query and give it the best chance of attracting attention. Sometimes there can be small issues in queries that are easily fixed but will severely damage your chances if they are not addressed. For example, did you know that the wrong word count alone (too little or too much for your genre) is enough to get you thrown in the rejected pile? 

I have successfully queried an international agent for my book Wunderkids and five foreign publishers. 

Eligible Genres: Young Adult, Romance, Thriller, upmarket fiction, romantic comedy, sci-fi, fantasy and MG.

The First 3 Chapter- £150

The first three chapters are the second most important part of your submission and they have to deliver. I will go through your chapters adding in-line notes and reactions to the text and will help you get your chapters to the best possible state before submission. I will provide you with an honest two page editorial letter in which I will look critically at tone, pace, characterisation, plot, dialogue, setting, and wether or not your opening chapter pulls the reader in.

Eligible Genres: Young Adult, Romance, Thriller, upmarket fiction, romantic comedy, sci-fi, fantasy, MG.

Build your Author platform-£150

Ever heard someone in the industry talk about authors and their platforms and think to yourself "I'm a writer, why do I have to be on social media?" Well, the publishing industry is quickly changing and in a new landscape where marketing budgets are shrinking, publishers rely on authors to promote themselves. This is even more apparent in self-publishing. If you want to self-publish successfully you can also do so with the help of carefully crafted promotions and digital strategies. Period. Let me help you build your author platform with an assessment of your current platform/author brand and a two page write-up on how you can drastically improve your platform and social media streams. If you don't have an author platform at all yet then I can also help you get started from scratch, and build the author platform that you deserve. 

Book Launch Campaign- £200-300 (YA, MG, Thriller and Romance only)

You're about to self-publish your book, congratulations! The hard work is behind you but your job is far from done. Do you have a social media campaign prepped? Is your relevant social media all up and running ready to give your project the best possible chance at success? Are you going to host giveaways and achieve maximum exposure? Do you have bloggers lined up to give you early reviews and get the hype started? Whatever your queries or doubts I can help you make your book launch stand out. 


Contact me for a full campaign plan- a list of bloggers to approach, ideas for aesthetics, teasers, promotional materials, help in organising a blog tour, giveaways, and other social media campaign elements. There's no need to be alone in this overwhelming process!

Career Consultation Video Chat- £60

If you need support or have general questions and require advice (especially if you're a self-published author) then I'm here for you for a full hour!  Prepare the questions in advance and you can get the most out of your hour session with answers and advice on topics such as:

  • how to beat writers' block
  • what tools/programs you can use for your writing
  • the best way to commission your first cover
  • how to acquire advanced reader 
  • and many many more!

Full Manuscript- (Starting at £0.02 per word) YA and MG only

This is the full monty. You've written a book and now need another pair of qualified eyes to read through it and tell you what comes next. I will read through your entire manuscript and provide you with a four page editorial letter full of notes, industry relevant information, questions and ideas. I will also include in-line notes with running reactions to reading your text. My feedback will focus on plot, characters, setting, voice and dialogue. You will come away feeling much more confident about the direction of your manuscript and about what you need to do next.

For £40 you can include the video chat package and we can discuss any remaining questions you might have. 

Bespoke PR SERVICES (price on request) 

Do you want more followers on social media? A better press release? Do you want to ace your next event and hold enticing promotions live or digitally? Contact me and we will discuss your needs for a custom PR package. 

Help with self-publishing (price on request) 

The world of self-publishing is overwhelming and it is very easy for a self-published book to crash and burn. Do you need guidance with technical information like ISBNs, blurbs, sponsored ads, how to print physical copies, A.I sheets, Facebook marketing etc... Contact me today for help with your self-publishing journey!

All packages and communications are completely, 100% confidential. I will never share your personal details with anyone. Your ideas and correspondence are 100% protected. Payment plans are available. If you still have any questions contact me for a no strings attached free chat. 

I look forward to hearing about your project and helping you get the exposure and readers you and your book deserve!